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Focusing and spirituality

Fr Ed McMahon’s amazing quote about Focusing and spirituality shows how our body can become our spiritual companion and teacher: Resurrection was always meant to be felt as a continuing NOW deep in the cells of our bodies, Where something so mundane As simply pausing to own our feelings, in a caring way, Could call […]

Focusing and Listening

Listening to all the voices inside of us–that’s one way of describing Focusing. I saw the excellent and evocative film Mr. Holmes last night. The film points to something important about how Focusing works. Spoiler alert: I’ll be talking about parts of the film that unfold toward the end. Mr. Holmes is a beautifully crafted […]

Today I learned of the passing of Mary Hendricks Gendlin, PhD, wife and creative partner in the development of Focusing and TAE, Eugene Gendlin. From 2004-2006, when I was exploring teaching Focusing in El Salvador, Mary was one of my main encouragers. She raised money for the project, and sent me off with a number […]

I’m thinking of one of my students, J, a young man 25 years old. He volunteers with a youth group in his community and at a camp for disabled children. I am inspired by the way he applies what he is learning. We first started corresponding when he signed up for a free lesson that […]

the intricate ongoingness inside of life

“You need to stand again in your own experiencing … in your own felt ongoingness, which is that intricate complexity inside of life … to put into the world what hasn’t been said yet, that you are carrying from your particular experience.”  —Eugene Gendlin Going into my experiencing. What does that mean? For most of […]

Eugene Gendlin on A Process Model

Focusing is a practice, not a theory. My friend Susana Alvarez from Argentina recently posted a saying that roughly translates to: “Communists until they get rich, lesbians until they get married, atheists until the plane starts to fall…”. I wrote back, “But Focusers forever.” That’s because, by Focusing,  we tune into our own felt experiencing […]

Dealing with stress

Dealing with stress by becoming aware of the patterns held silently in our bodies Listening to stress helps in dealing with stress. Just got this letter from a participant in our online class in Thinking at the Edge (TAE). It feels very fulfilling to have this feedback. It speaks to my vision, many years ago, […]

Snowden and the felt sense

Citizenfour won an Oscar for best documentary of 2015 A felt sense feels right despite the uncertainty of the circumstances. This illustrated in the documentary Citizenfour, a quiet, thoughtful, inspiring film about the week in June 2013 when Edward Snowden turned over thousands of classified NSA documents to journalists Glenn Greenwald and Laura Poitras in […]