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In this compelling account by Dr. Juan B. Prado of México City, a mother is finally convinced to listen to her child’s wisdom, thus freeing her child from addiction:

Focusing and Nonviolent Communication enhance each other

Many of us are dismayed about the violent rhetoric in politics and on social media. We need ways to be able to communicate across social, cultural, economic and political divides. Nonviolent Communication and Focusing enhance each other and when practiced, are accessible tools for change.

Listening for Feelings and Needs in Nonviolent Communication (NVC) can lead to felt sense formation. For that reason, it’s useful to use Nonviolent Communication as a doorway to Focusing, especially if you are not used to the idea of self empathy. Jackal language and Giraffe language Nonviolent Communication (NVC) helps us notice when we are […]

Building resilience into activism

A Lesson from Aloes, by the South-African playwright Athol Fugard, shows what happens when feelings and needs are not expressed. In this post I “rewrite” the play to show how Focusing and Listening can transform communication and lead to resilience.

focusing brings insight on our inner battles

This post demonstrates how the quiet, receptive listening in a Focusing partnership brings insight by getting you in touch with your bodily felt sense of situations.

Focusing partnership training

To hear yourself think…it helps to have somebody listen! A Listening Partnership sets the stage for a special kind of listening.
There are two roles: the Explorer, person who speaks. And there’s the Listener.
If the Listener starts to help or give advice, it takes away some of the Explorer’s very special space.

Everyone is so inspired and encouraged by the Women’s March. How can we create new ways of acting in the world that directly address today’s political realities and at the same time reflect our deepest needs, goals and values? Marshall Rosenberg’s theory of Nonviolent Communication has a lot to offer as we learn how to […]

“Don’t want too much,” the voices warned. No. Want. Want life. Want this fragile oasis of the galaxy to flourish. Want fertility, want seasons, want this spectacular array of creatures, this brilliant balance of need. Want it. Want it all. Desire. Welcome her raging power. May her strength course through us. Desire, she is life. […]

I recently had the pleasure of being interviewed about creative thinking partnership by Serge Prengel of You can listen to the interview here. The wordless, empty space is a bit disorienting at first. Serge: We all are interested in thinking creatively, thinking outside the box, and yet, in the experience of it, when we […]