Welcome to Possibility Space

Possibility Space is where you can find possibilities that you couldn’t see before. The possibilities come from pausing, breathing, and allowing your attention to sink down into the bodily felt sense of your situations. 

Whether you are concerned with a conflict or a creative endeavor, a blah feeling about life or a desire to contribute something to the world, you can gain new perspectives by noticing how your body feels about it.

At first you might feel an easily identifiable emotion like anger, fear or joy. Probably you will just notice a blank, grey feeling that does not seem worthy of your attention. But if you stay with it, with interested curiosity and empathy for yourself, you’ll find that inner place starting to respond.

Here at Possibility Space, I work with the felt sense in several different ways:

Focusing is the practice of inviting a bodily felt sense of a situation to form, describing it, and allowing it to unfold.  Because your body knows you, that unfolding carries meaning for your life.  What was stuck or unclear comes into focus, and you find that the meaning you have grasped has changed you and the situation at the same time….Find out more

Thinking at the Edge (TAE) shows you how to think with the bodily felt sense. Of course you want to gather all the information you can, but at a certain point, the felt sense will show you what really interests you, or it will tell you what is missing, or give you sense of where to go with it all.  Getting in touch with your bodily felt sense of a situation opens you to receive intricate knowing from your lived experience…Find out more

Generating a Culture of Peace combines Focusing and Nonviolent Communication to resolve interpersonal conflict. We study Marshall Rosenberg’s theory, applying felt sensing to all aspects of the process. Participants share their struggles and their successes in using these simple practices to improve relationships at home, at work, and in community….Find out more