Domain Focusing Circles

Small classes in Focusing and Empathic Listening

Three-person online Focusing classes (12 hours in six sessions) are the best way to experience Focusing and Empathic Listening for yourself, in order to understand how it all works and how it can change your life. My 3-person classes are intimate and confidential, gathering everyone together an atmosphere of companionship, mutual respect, safety and trust.

Sign up for a free introductory session

The first step is to sign up for a free 45-minute session, so we can meet each other, talk about your goals, answer any questions and do some Focusing and Empathic Listening. Sign up by filling out the contact form. Indicate your time zone and give me an idea of days and times that would work for your free session.

Then, if you feel drawn toward joining a class or receiving private sessions, we can make plans, based on your schedule.

How much does it cost for basic classes?

It’s US $295 for the basic 3-person, 12-hour class in Focusing Level One, payable by PayPal. Classes are usually scheduled weekly, but can also happen more or less often if necessary.
Private sessions are US$75 per appointment, or a package of three for US$195. 

Why it’s important to experience Focusing and Empathic Listening for yourself

Focusing is an innate human capacity that all of us can access. Focusing puts us in touch with something greater than ourselves, yet something that is very much part of us. We experience it through our bodies. The humble truth, wisdom and authenticity of the bodily felt sense make it an essential resource we can rely on. Felt sensing can help us with our relationships and in making plans and decisions that fit who we are. It can open the door to creativity, to things that have not yet been thought or said. All in all it brings more life to our lives. Feeling more alive will help us navigate the great transition necessary to save our planet and ourselves.

My experience as a Focusing teacher

I’m Beatrice Blake. I have practiced Focusing for over thirty years and was certified as a Focusing Trainer in 2000 by The International Focusing Institute (TIFI). Eugene Gendlin, the discoverer of Focusing, was one of my teachers. Since 2011 I have been a Certifying Coordinator with the Institute which means I can train Focusing professionals–but I also love to teach basic Focusing and Empathic Listening to all!