BB at Elizabeth's graduation,jpgMy Japanese acupuncture teacher always said “Disease begins in the spirit”, but I never understood how to make that connection until I learned Focusing in 1989.
I stopped practicing acupuncture to raise my family, and by the time I resurfaced, I knew I wanted to learn more about Focusing, Thinking at the Edge and the Philosophy of the Implicit, all developed by the philosopher/psychologist, Eugene Gendlin, PhD.   I became a Focusing Trainer in 2000 and have gone on to take many classes with Gene and other members of the international Focusing community.

Focusing can be taught, so that everyone can use it.  It does not have to be wielded by a “healer”, even though learning about it is a life-long exploration.
I have used Focusing and TAE to great advantage in my own life and have been deeply moved by how my students in El Salvador have brought Focusing to families that are still suffering the trauma of war.

I have had many opportunities to define and redefine my role throughout my life. Focusing and Thinking at the Edge have helped me understand that the times when I felt lost, stuck, or not knowing my direction forward, it was because I wanted to do something that had no definition yet. Now I know that listening to my felt sense of situations will help me create next steps out of my own lived experience.

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