Here is a short experiment in Thinking at the Edge with “the personal is political”, based on an exercise from Donata Schoeller, a leading scholar and teacher of Gendlin’s Philosophy of the Implicit. Would you like to play?
1. Please choose one of the following 3 words:
“police”, “election”, or “hospital”.
2. Once you have chosen a word, notice what situation from your life “arises from” or “comes with” that word.
3. Check to see if the situation that came calls forth a bodily sensation.
4. Describe the bodily sensation of that situation with words, metaphors, textures, colors, shapes, memories, gestures, sounds.
5. Now take this description back to the original word and notice how it affects or reinforms the word you chose.
6. If it feels right to do so, reply below, or share your response in an email to me.
After this short form of Thinking at the Edge, can you sense how “the personal is political”?

Thanks for participating in this short form of Thinking at the Edge!

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