Thinking at the Edge (TAE)

Thinking at the Edge Online

Thinking at the Edge grounds your ideas in your lived experience.

Is there something that you’d like to do or write about but you lack the confidence to begin? Thinking at the Edge helps you sense into the “more” behind your ideas so that you can write and act from what you know.

Do you long to contribute to the world from the richness of the insights life has given you? With Thinking at the Edge, you delve into your own experience so that your new direction follows from of all you have lived.

Maybe you need clarity and next steps about a persistent problem or a complex issue. Thinking at the Edge helps you find the unique gifts within the challenges you face.

Thinking at the Edge is a revolution in philosophy

To participate in Thinking at the Edge is to directly experience Eugene Gendlin’s earth-shaking revolution in contemporary philosophy. You’ll be empowered to actually think, create and contribute from your own experience. You don’t need to study philosophy in order to do this. All you need is to discover the vast realm of development that opens up to you when you allow yourself to dwell in your felt sense of an issue. Here is a video of Gendlin talking about Thinking at the Edge. (Thanks to Nada Lou for her extensive videos of Gendlin).

Thinking at the Edge training allows you to Focus about an issue over time

Your ideas and projects receive the attention and space they need to grow when you Focus on them over the TAE process.  Your felt sense will take you to moments in your life that show you what you know about your project. This brings life to your ideas in a way that can’t be reached by intellect alone. As a result, your project will become imbued with heart-felt breadth, depth, and commitment. You will be able to talk about it and act on it in a new way. 

What participants are saying:

“It is really interesting to see how training in Thinking at the Edge influences our lives. I notice that creativity is coming back in my daily routine in a new way and I can touch again the confidence in the joy of the creative being. Thanks for opening and holding the space that allows this to happen.”  –Delphine Heymans, visual artist, facilitator and Focusing trainer, Belgium

“Thank you for your recent course in Thinking at the Edge. I found so much depth and direction in my project, and discovered a love of being “at the edge”. Until recently this represented a place of fear, if not terror, as far as my writing was concerned. It was lovely to see how you reflected our words and process, and warmly held the group as we found surprising new insights. Thank you for a wonderful experience.” –Donna Abela, playwright, Australia

“I love the way you hold the steps and the uniqueness of each person’s journey, to make it encouraging and right for our own pace. Now that I have some experience of TAE, I feel less intimidated and more excited to read more of Gendlin’s philosophy.” –Olivia Lin

Class format: 

One or two steps of the TAE process (Steps 1 to 11) are presented in each class. You will have the opportunity to be guided through each step and will gain understanding as you observe me guiding others.
Between classes you will practice each step with a partner from the class.
All sessions will connect via Zoom, a video conferencing system that allows us to see and hear each other. You can connect for free from your laptop, tablet, or smartphone.


Some background in Focusing and Focusing partnership. If you are not familiar with Focusing, contact me about getting a package of three individual sessions.
If we have not met before, sign up for a free consultation.

Dates, times and costs for training in Thinking at the Edge

9-week course from April 24 to June 19 with practice sessions in between classes:
Mondays noon Eastern (1700 GMT, 1800 CET, 1900 EET)
April 24, May 1, 8, 15, 22, 29, June 5, 12, and 19, 2023.

Investment: US$475 per person for nine 2-hour sessions.
10% discount for members of The 
International Focusing Institute (US$428 per person.)

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To join, please submit the contact form below.
Classes are limited to 8 people, so it’s best to sign up early!
Payment can be by check or PayPal. Payment details will be given at enrollment.

Your TAE Mentor

Beatrice Blake, TAE Mentor
Beatrice Blake became a 
Certified Focusing Trainer in 2000 and took her first TAE course in 2004 with Gene Gendlin, Nada Lou and Kye Nelson. She has been a Certifying Coordinator with TIFI since 2011 and has been teaching TAE in English and Spanish since 2012.
She loves to see how TAE brings Gendlin’s philosophy to life as each person works on their own project. Students learn about the TAE steps as they observe the transformative processes in the whole group.

“Beatrice, you deliver what I had hoped TAE could do for me.”
–Joann Parks, California

For more information or to sign up: