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Deepening into Thinking at the Edge (TAE)

A year to experience Thinking at the Edge

TAE Steps 1-10 are covered by my introductory classes in Thinking at the Edge (TAE). My introductory classes are designed to help you become familiar with the steps, so that you can use TAE for yourself.
However, my students and I have seen that deep transformational processes start to unfold as a result of Thinking at the Edge. This year-long class will allow those changes to develop fully and be incorporated in a supportive group.
There will be 10 classes between January and December 2022. We will go through the complete process, with a project of your choice, covering TAE steps 1-14.


One 2-hour monthly class every month except in July and August. Three partnership sessions between each class. 

Ten monthly classes with three partnerships in between

January: Steps 1 and 2 — Getting the felt sense and one instance, noticing any paradoxes.
February: Steps 6 and 7 — Instances and patterns
March: Step 8 — Crossing
April: Step 9: Write freely and get new crux sentence
May: Steps 3 and 4, working with words
June: Step 5 — Writing new sentences that express the crux in new ways
July and August: After all the initial work you’ve done, gather and cluster your most meaningful words and phrases. In order to give you time for this process, there will be no classes, but partnerships will continue. 
September: Step 10 — Select your temporary terms and see what happens when you define each term with the other terms (A = B = C).
October: Step 11: Find the inherent connections between the terms of your theory 
November: Step 12: Interlocking terms — developing the final theory
December: Steps 13 and 14 — applying your theory to other systems, making final adjustments. 

Prerequisites for deepening into TAE Steps 1-14

In order to take this class, you’ll need experience with Felt Sensing and Listening in a Focusing partnership. If you’d like to take the class but lack the experience, you could sign up for three private Focusing sessions with me. That is often enough to prepare for TAE.
Or you could take a Focusing Level One and Two course offered by one of my excellent fellow Focusing Trainers worldwide


$495 for 10 classes, payable in installments if necessary. 
Discount for my previous TAE students: If you’ve taken TAE with me before, the price is $420, a discount of $15%

Your TAE mentor: Beatrice Blake

To sign up or find out more:

Schedule a free private consultation with me. Let me know some days and times that would work for you for the monthly class. 
Thinking at the Edge

What is life calling you to do?

This online course in Thinking at the Edge will help you appreciate, enjoy and revel in your unique way of being. Your deepening relationship with felt sensing will enable you to let go of old ways of thinking and step into the urgings of the soul.

You’ll have the time and space to delve into the ideas and information that come through your body, your lived experience. You’ll explore the ways you connect with the world, the universe, nature and other people. You will gravitate toward your gifts. As your flower unfolds, your idiosyncrasies might even start to make sense!

My kind of TAE could be called ‘Living from Who You Are’

Eugene Gendlin developed Thinking at the Edge in collaboration with his partner, Mary Hendricks Gendlin. Gendlin challenged the world to bring human experiencing into thinking and theory construction. Thinking at the Edge is a truly revolutionary practice! It holds promise for healing the huge rift between science and spirituality, inner and outer, thinking and feeling, etc. Gendlin talks about it in this 5-minute video

TAE grounds you in your lived experience so that you can better express who you are and what comes through you.  You will return to the felt sense of a chosen theme over and over again, leading you to a deeper understanding of your own intricacy. Your felt senses become even more trusted and useful guides.

You will experience Gendlin’s steps 1 to 10 in class and practice them with fellow students between classes. At the end of the course, there will be the opportunity to continue your process in collaboration with your new TAE companions. 

Comments from recent participants

Judy Allen, UK:

“This well-organised and supported course provided a sense of security that had tangible and completely positive outcomes for me. 

“We did not follow the TAE steps in order but went straight to our own experience. This was key to the positive outcome.

“Beatrice is a quiet presence, encouraging sharing by her responses. She knows when to gently intervene in the group learning and does so with consideration to the benefit of all.

“This class brought a whole new dimension to Focusing as well as TAE. I feel I really ‘got’ it. I am inspired to study the process as it stands and contemplate ways in which it could best be disseminated to a wider, possibly non-Focuser audience.”

Phil Bender, US:

“I entered TAE seeking clarity on what I thought was a specific intention. TAE made me more aware of the impetus of the felt sense behind (or inside) that desire. I could feel its inner energy–it had a trajectory.

“I came out of TAE not so much with a blueprint on how to move forward but with tools for being in relationship with a deeper stream in me. Developing the relationship with this felt sense, and honoring it with time and patience, has led to shifts in my life that are conspiring to bring forward what I wanted from TAE at the beginning.” 

Helen Bryant, UK:

“TAE supports the opening of a chosen Felt Sense into learning that only you and your connection with Life can experience. It is a deeply personal enquiry but is grounded in the support of both Gendlin’s  steps and a group of fellow students. Most importantly, you will be guided by Beatrice Blake; a wise, warm and very experienced fellow traveller.

“Your process might start with the Felt Sense of a glimpsed/half forgotten ‘knowing’ or a theme that calls you. TAE is a further stage of Focusing requiring a certain courage; you may feel disturbance as a new perspective/level of consciousness is born, but it is also deeply affirming of your connection to Life in all its manifestations.” 

If this resonates with you, please sign up for a free consultation.

Dates and times:

Dates: Thursdays, November 11 and 18, December 2, 9, 16 and 23 (skipping Thursday, November 25)
Times: 5 p.m. Eastern
(Friday mornings at 9 a.m. in Sydney)

Find your time zone here: http://www.thetimezoneconverter.com

To join, please submit the contact form below.


US$295 per person for six 2-hour sessions
Classes are limited to 6 people, so it’s best to sign up early!
Payment can be by check or PayPal. Payment details will be given at enrollment.

The implicit carried forward


Beatrice Blake, Certifying Coordinator with The International Focusing Institute. For more information or to sign up, contact me for a free consultation.

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