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Letting the flower unfold with Thinking at the Edge

 Many of us will not be able to get together with loved ones the way we’re used to during the holidays. However, the end of one year and the beginning of the next can be a propitious time for connecting with others and experiencing the joy of TAE. With that in mind, I’ve decided to offer a new online course in Thinking at the Edge.
I’ve been involved in teaching TAE for 8 years now. I’ve reached a stage where I am asking, What is really happening for myself and the people who come to my classes?

My kind of TAE could be called ‘Living from Who You Are’

Eugene Gendlin developed Thinking at the Edge in collaboration with his wife, Mary Hendricks Gendlin. Gendlin challenged the world to bring human experiencing into thinking and theory construction. Thinking at the Edge is a truly revolutionary practice! It holds promise for healing the huge rift between science and spirituality, inner and outer, thinking and feeling, etc. Gendlin talks about it in this 5-minute video. Several of my worldwide TAE colleagues are advancing Gendlin’s ideas by showing how his thinking process worked.
The way TAE comes through me is not necessarily about developing new practical or philosophical concepts. My classes serve to deepen your relationship with your own felt sense. Many Focusers access the felt sense, but returning to it over and over again for seven weeks around a chosen theme increases your awareness of its intricacy and depth. The felt sense becomes even more of a trusted and useful guide in life.  You will experience Gendlin’s steps 1 to 11 in class and then practice them with fellow students between classes.

What do I mean by ‘letting the flower unfold’?

This is the message I want my students to get:
Appreciate, enjoy and revel in your unique “wiring”. Delve into the ideas and information that come through your body, your lived experience, the ways you connect with the world, the universe, nature, other people. Your idiosyncratic ways of thinking or perceiving might have been seen as problematic in the past. But now, old oppressive systems are falling apart, so the way you naturally are might suddenly make sense! Dig yourself!

Comments from recent participants

Judy Allen, UK:

“This well-organised and supported course provided a sense of security that had tangible and completely positive outcomes for me. 

“We did not follow the TAE steps in order but went straight to our own experience. This was key to the positive outcome.

“Beatrice is a quiet presence, encouraging sharing by her responses. She knows when to gently intervene in the group learning and does so with consideration to the benefit of all.

“This class brought a whole new dimension to Focusing as well as TAE. I feel I really ‘got’ it. I am inspired to study the process as it stands and contemplate ways in which it could best be disseminated to a wider, possibly non-Focuser audience.”

Phil Bender, US:

“I entered TAE seeking clarity on what I thought was a specific intention. TAE made me more aware of the impetus of the felt sense behind (or inside) that desire. I could feel its inner energy–it had a trajectory.

“I came out of TAE not so much with a blueprint on how to move forward but with tools for being in relationship with a deeper stream in me.

“Developing the relationship with this felt sense, and honoring it with time and patience, has led to shifts in my life that are conspiring to bring forward what I wanted from TAE at the beginning.” 

Helen Bryant, UK:

“TAE supports the opening of a chosen Felt Sense into learning that only you and your connection with Life can experience. It is a deeply personal enquiry but is grounded in the support of both Gendlin’s  steps and a group of fellow students. Most importantly you will be guided by Beatrice Blake; a wise, warm and very experienced fellow traveller.

“Your process might start with the Felt Sense of a glimpsed/half forgotten ‘knowing’ or a theme that calls you. TAE is a further stage of Focusing requiring a certain courage; you may feel disturbance as a new perspective/level of consciousness is born, but it is also deeply affirming of your connection to Life in all its manifestations.” 

If this resonates for you, please sign up for a free consultation.

Dates and times for latest online course in Thinking at the Edge (TAE)

The implicit carried forward

Group One:

Mondays 2 to 4 p.m. Eastern, December 7 through January 18

Group Two:

I’ll schedule another group at 7 p.m. US Eastern that would also be convenient for Focusers in Asia and Australia (the morning of the next day). Dates to be determined. 

Groups are limited to 4-6 people, so please sign up early


US $295 for the seven-week (14-hour) online course in Thinking at the Edge, payable through PayPal. Once you have signed up, I will give you the payment information. 


Beatrice Blake, Certifying Coordinator with The International Focusing Institute. For more information or to sign up, contact me for a free consultation.

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