Beatrice Blake, teacher of Focusing and TAE (Thinking at the Edge)

When I became a Doctor of Oriental Medicine (1982-92), I was uncomfortable with the role of “doctor”. I was raised to believe that healing comes from within. When I first experienced Focusing, I saw that it is the way to find meaning and forward movement in any life circumstance.

Focusing does not have to be wielded by a “healer”. Anyone can practice it by slowing down and listening in a friendly way to what is going on inside. Of course, spacious, respectful and receptive listening greatly enhances that practice. 

After first learning Focusing with Dr. Robert Lee, I became a Focusing Trainer in 2000 and am now a Certifying Coordinator with The International Focusing Institute (TIFI).  

I studied Thinking at the Edge and the Philosophy of the Implicit with Dr. Eugene Gendlin, the originator of Focusing. Kye Nelson, Nada Lou and Evelyn Fendler Lee also helped me understand TAE.

Focusing is the birthright of human beings. I envision a world in which parents who know how to listen to their inner knowing will raise children to trust their inner knowing.

I have defined and redefined my role often throughout my life. Focusing and Thinking at the Edge have helped me understand that when I felt I had lost my direction forward, life was urging me to pay attention to something that I could not yet articulate. Now I know that listening to my felt sense is my life force guiding me to more life!

Focusing in El Salvador

One of my most fulfilling experiences has been training three dynamic Salvadoran leaders to become professional Focusing trainers. They share Focusing in areas as diverse as teen motherhood, at-risk girls and their families, LGBTQ rights, organizational crisis, and the rebirth of indigenous awareness in El Salvador. Find out more at

My current offerings in Focusing and Thinking at the Edge

  • The Foundational Practices of Thinking at the Edge: This course is for people who are interested in Thinking at the Edge but who need to experience the basic practices of Focusing, Listening, and Focusing partnership.
  • Thinking at the Edge Online: An intimate and inspiring exploration of TAE for experienced Focusers. Dates and times are determined by the participants, so let me know if you are interested. 

Sign up for a free introductory session here.

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