What you can expect from a Focusing session

Focusing is learning to trust your own inner sense of things. There is no diagnosing or analyzing or counseling.

I will encourage you to take some time to name the issue you are working on. In the process of naming the issue, you clarify things for yourself, and prepare yourself for felt sensing. You can give your issue a name  that only you will understand, if you want, like What Happened with My Partner, or Feeling Stuck.

I will encourage you to allow yourself empathic space in which to notice what is going on inside you regarding the issue you have identified.

You may have something inside that feels like a pressure, or a color, or a shape or a texture. A memory might come to you, or an image. I will listen and reflect back with the intention of allowing you to understand more of what you are feeling. As you describe it and gently attend to it, it reveals its meaning. When you get its meaning, you feel different inside, and often you have more of a sense of possibility, or you see a way forward that you didn’t see before. That’s what Focusing is.

Often, when we feel something inside, it’s hard to put it into words. Focusing means taking time to allow the words to emerge from the unclear feeling, thus coming into focus.  I will encourage you to give gentle attention to what is happening inside and find a way to say it that feels right to you. If words don’t work, you might draw it, or express it in sound or gestures.

All of this is done in total confidentiality. In fact, I don’t need to know any of the details of what you are working on. You can keep those to yourself if you like.

Ongoing Focusing training 
Start anytime with a free, 30-minute introductory session. Then sign up for individual sessions ($75 per hour) or a series of three sessions for beginning Focusers ($195).