Is stress affecting your physical or mental health, your productivity, or your self esteem?

In Giving Language to Stress, you learn how to develop a caring, interested attitude toward patterns in yourself that short-circuit under stress. As you befriend your stressed self, you integrate your experience in a way that is not possible when stress is held silently inside, or when stress triggers unintentional behavior that you regret.

Stress is different for everyone, so first we will tune in to how you feel in the situations that are stressful for you, AND we will also tune in to how you feel in situations where your energy flows freely. This experiential understanding leads to more aliveness, more “you-ness” and more ease. Over the seven sessions, you will see how understanding your stress on a bodily level leads you to the growth and healing you need.

Once you have symbolized your body sense of stress, you will experience how your whole situation is “carried forward”. You will notice what leads to stress a lot earlier, so that you can act in new ways instead of falling into old patterns. In the last class, you will develop a “talisman sentence” a word, phrase, image or gesture that sums up what you have learned and sets you on your new path.

“I had a number of stressful situations that were alive in me at the beginning of the course and was feeling tired with very low energy due to the drain.  I ended up in a very positive, energized, and open place.  Stress is no longer even a bad word.  I am able to embrace the expansive opportunities it brings my life.” –Georgia Kosciusko, grant writer, Maine

” I have been very grateful to your TAE and Stress course for really opening up this whole area of stress, and my personal manifestation of that, in a way that has allowed me to release a lot of my habitual blockages to living and feeling authentically.” —Sue Burrell, counselor, Australia

Two ways to learn:

Private sessions: Giving Language to Stress is a 7-session course that can be done by beginners or advanced Focusers in person or by Skype.
$495 for 7 one-hour sessions.
With private sessions you get more one-to-one listening and can move through the process at your own pace. If you are unfamiliar with the Focusing process, you might want to have several introductory Focusing sessions first. Payment plans available.
Sign up or learn more by using the contact form below.

3-person classes start whenever you are ready. Dates are flexible. The time of day will be determined by the time zones of participants.
Cost: $ 395 per person for seven 2-hour sessions
How to connect: All sessions will be via Zoom, a cloud-based video conferencing system, that allows us to see and hear each other. Connect for free from your laptop or smartphone.
Sign up or learn more by using the contact form below.

Free 30-minute session: Contact Beatrice for a free 30-minute consultation to see if Giving Language to Stress is right for you.

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