Training and coaching in Focusing Partnership

The International Focusing Institute (TIFI) wants to make it easy for Focusers all over the world to find Focusing partner.

The Focusing Partnership Network is a free benefit for TIFI members. As part of the Network, you can search for Focusing partners online. A TIFI member must have a Proficiency in Focusing Partnership (PFP) Award in order to join the Network. If you are proficient in the Focusing and listening skills necessary for partnership, you can receive the Award.

Focusing partnership training or coaching will give you the experience needed to be a confident Focusing partner.

Training and coaching in Focusing partnership

If you are new to Focusing, it is best to start by taking Focusing Levels One and Two.

If you are familiar with Focusing partnership but have not received the PFP award, contact me for a free consultation so we can decide the next steps that will be appropriate for you.

The promise of Focusing Partnership Training

Once two people are experienced in Focusing, they can become Focusing partners. Your partner provides the conditions—hard to find in our world—for you to listen to what wants to emerge from within you. You, in turn, provide that listening space for your partner. 

You and your Focusing Partners can collaborate in getting unstuck, providing mutual support, articulating new directions in life, etc. Most Focusing partnerships take place weekly on a regular basis. 

The transformative power of listening in a Focusing way

The world needs deep listening. Learning to listen in a Focusing way will enliven your relationships with family, friends and co-workers. And of course it will greatly improve your relationship with yourself!

Focusing partners do not analyze, state their opinions or give advice. They simply provide the space for pausing, sensing inside, and Focusing.

This kind of Listening can help people move through a myriad of current social problems.

  • School and college students could learn to listen to each other. This would reduce stress, increase connection and give insight into the subjects of study.
  • Parents and teachers could learn to listen to their kids. With this kind of listening, kids naturally reciprocate by being open to understanding the needs of their parents and teachers.   
  • People involved in social change, medicine, schools and front-line jobs would not burn out so often if they could provide this space for each other. Moments of pausing and sensing inside lead to creative ideas, self care, and problem solving. 

Contact me to learn how Focusing and Listening can make your life better.