TAE Steps 1-14: A Deepening

Deepening into Thinking at the Edge (TAE)

A year to experience the steps of Thinking at the Edge

Thinking at the Edge Steps 1-11 are covered by my introductory classes in Thinking at the Edge (TAE). My introductory classes are designed to help you become familiar with the steps, so that you can use TAE for yourself.
However, my students and I have seen that deep transformational processes start to unfold as a result of Thinking at the Edge. This year-long class will allow those changes to develop more fully and be incorporated in your life, with the support of your fellow TAE-ers.
There will be 12 classes between January and December 2023. Classes are designed to deepen your understanding of TAE as you develop a project of your choice.
Classes will be on the last Monday of each month, except in June, when the class will be on June 12, due to the TIFI’s Focusing Weeklong in Dublin, Ireland.


One 2-hour monthly class on the last Monday of each month. Two or three partnership sessions between each class., with the same partner for the month.

TAE: A Deepening provides twelve monthly classes with partnerships in between

January 30: TAE Steps 1 and 2 — Getting the felt sense and one instance, noticing any paradoxes.
February 27: TAE Steps 6 and 7 — Instances and patterns
March 27: TAE Step 8 — Crossing
April 24: TAE Step 9: Write freely and get new crux sentence
May 29: TAE Steps 3 and 4, working with words
June 12: TAE Step 5 — Writing new sentences that express the crux in new ways
July 31: TAE Step 10, part 1: gather and cluster your most meaningful words and phrases.
August 28: TAE Step 10, part 2: select your temporary terms
September 25: Step 10, part 3: See what happens when you define each term with the other terms (A = B = C).
October 30: TAE Step 11: Find the inherent connections between the terms of your theory 
November 27: TAE Steps 12, 13, 14: If you are ready to move on to Step 12, you’ll decide on your permanent  terms and develop your final theory. Not everyone is ready to do this, but we will get an overview of Steps 12, 13 and 14 so that you will be familiar with them. If you would like to spend more time on an earlier step, that’s fine. 
December 18:  Sharing what has happened in our year of felt-sensed exploration.

Prerequisites for TAE: A Deepening, Steps 1-14

In order to take this class, you’ll need experience with Felt Sensing and Listening in a Focusing partnership. If you’d like to take the class but lack the experience, you could sign up for three private Focusing sessions with me and then take my class in Listening so that Change Steps Can Happen.


US$495 for 12 classes, payable in installments if necessary. 
Discount for my previous TAE students: 10% discount, or US$450.00

Your TAE mentor: Beatrice Blake

To sign up or find out more:

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