Generating a Culture of Peace

A 7-session course in Empathic Communication and Focusing

  • Do you shy away from conflict, or do you find yourself embroiled in the same conflicts over and over?
  • Do you feel you “have to be compassionate” so that you can’t really express yourself with people you disagree with?
  • Do you want to make sure that you understand your motivations and the motivations of others when conflict arises?
  • Do you wish you had more resources to help deal with the deep divisions in society?

Join people from all over the world to experience how Empathic Communication and Focusing can make conflict resolution flexible, relevant and authentic. Each session will combine theory with practice. There will be opportunities to share your experiences and learn from the experiences of others.

What participants are saying:

“Thank you for your graceful and even playful way of facilitating this course. I’m grateful for this opportunity to learn and express my feelings, needs and understandings.”–Michele Gomes, Seattle, USA

“Thanks a lot for this wonderful training course that had a great impact in my life.”–Marien Bemi-Ngbali,  Turkey

“The well-designed structure of each class with the co-creation of teacher and students makes the course really enjoyable!” –Lindsay Chang, Taiwan

Connecting: Connect to the class on your computer or smartphone via Zoom, a free video conference service. We will be able to see and hear each other. All you need is a strong, stable internet connection and a quiet place to connect from. The link to Zoom and class materials will be sent when you sign up.

Class times: All class meetings will be on Wednesdays (in the US) at
7 p.m. US Eastern;
6 p.m. US Central;
5 p.m. US Mountain;
4 p.m. US Pacific

Class dates in the Americas: June 12 and 26, July 10 and 24, August 7 and 21, September 4, 2019

Due to time zone changes throughout the world, this class will take place on Thursday mornings in Australia, New Zealand and Asia.

Class dates in Asia and Australia: June 13, 27, July 11, 25, August 8, 22, September 5.
For instance, the class will start at
7 a.m. in Hong Kong and Taiwan;
9 a.m. in Sydney, Australia.

Find your time zone here at the World Clock Converter.

Prerequisites: None

Cost: US$175 for seven 2-hour sessions, payable by PayPal or check. For more information please fill out the linked contact form here and I’ll get back to you. If you’re ready to sign-up you can use the Paypal button below.