Is there something you want to bring to life that only you can bring?

Is there a new direction that you want to explore?

Can you feel a new idea growing inside that wants to be put into words and actions?

Do you have an insight into how things could work better?

Take the time and space to bring your ideas to life!

Where: Lisbon, Portugal

Dates: Saturday and Sunday, July 16 and 17, 2016, 10 a.m. to 6 p.m.
Free introductory talk on Friday,  July 15

Fee: US $250 for the weekend

Class will be in English or Spanish, depending on the needs of participants. Focusing during the workshop can be done in your native language.

Beatrice Blake

Certifying Coordinator
The Focusing Institute

Originally trained as a Doctor of Oriental Medicine, I’ve been a Focusing Trainer since 2000. I have studied Thinking at the Edge since 2004 with Eugene Gendlin, Nada Lou, Kye Nelson and Evelyn Pross. Evelyn and I have taught TAE through The Focusing Institute since 2012. I keep classes small so that you can have the listening and attention you need each step of the way. I am fluent in Spanish and understand Portuguese. TAE will deepen your Focusing and give you time and space you need to develop your unique gifts to the world.

“Beatrice offered a very open, gentle, non-pressured space where I could begin exploring my experiences in a supportive Focusing way. By getting to know these instances, I could begin seeing the patterns, and found myself both surprised and delighted at what I began to discover.”
–Rosa Zubizarreta, Massachusetts, USA

“Thank you for a wonderful workshop. It was a light, experiential and clear presentation of TAE, that was really meaningful for me personally…. I enjoyed your pleasant, relaxed leading.”
–Sally Tadmor, Israel

“Beatrice, you deliver what I had hoped TAE could do for me.
–Joann Parks, California, USA

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