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Focusing as an antidote to mind manipulation

Behavioral science is being used more and more to “market” political candidates and opinions. According to an article in Motherboard, both the Trump and Brexit campaigns used Facebook data to create personality profiles that could identify the characteristics of voters, enabling messaging that would appeal to their cultural biases. If your personality profile showed that […]


Listening Partnerships

To hear yourself think…it helps to have somebody listen! A Listening Partnership is not an ordinary conversation. It sets the stage for a special kind of listening. There are two roles: the Explorer, person who speaks. And there’s the Listener. After the Explorer’s turn, the Listener becomes the Explorer. But, at any one time, one person is either […]

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The felt sense is a wanting

“Don’t want too much,” the voices warned. No. Want. Want life. Want this fragile oasis of the galaxy to flourish. Want fertility, want seasons, want this spectacular array of creatures, this brilliant balance of need. Want it. Want it all. Desire. Welcome her raging power. May her strength course through us. Desire, she is life. […]


Creative thinking partnerships

I recently had the pleasure of being interviewed by Serge Prengel of LifeSherpa.com. You can listen to the interview here. We were talking about the joys and difficulties inherent in forming creative thinking partnerships. This is the first part of the interview. Serge: We all are interested in thinking creatively, thinking outside the box, and […]