The tree with ears

I want to share with you the delightful spirit of the traditions of El Salvador in this piece by Salvadoran poet Eric Doradea, inspired by legends of the beautiful spreading guanacaste or conacaste tree with its ear-shaped seed pods. It graces the landscape and provides welcome shade in the dry Pacific regions of Central America. The […]

Happy Easter

Resurrection was always meant to be felt as a continuing NOW deep in the cells of our bodies, Where something so mundane As simply pausing to own our feelings, in a caring way, Could call forth, From an eternal and timeless presence, Such a PENETRATION of those cells, That our changing body ITSELF, would become […]

How to cultivate a white rose

 I am very moved by President Obama’s starting his speech in Cuba with the words “Cultivo una rosa blanca.” In that opening line, he established cultural recognition, respect, and the deep challenge of repairing relationships. The audience seemed totally with him in that moment, and responded with heart-felt applause. For my English-speaking friends who are […]