1. Online: Generating a Culture of Peace: Empathic Communication and Focusing for happier relationships with family, friends and partners, and for social change.

2. Individual sessions in Thinking at the Edge–in person or online
I create a quiet, spacious, relaxed atmosphere, where you can breathe and allow what is within you to come into the world. It could be a stressful situation that you wish to transform, or a transformational idea that wants to be born through you. Like a good midwife, I will be fiercely protective of the quiet, supported space you need, so that there will be no intrusions or interruptions while your process is unfolding.
I love this work, and try to make it accessible and affordable to those who need it, by giving a discount for a series of 7 sessions.
You can start with a free, half hour session to see if TAE feels right to you.
Individual sessions: $75
Series of 7 private, individual one-hour TAE sessions: $490 if paid by check, $510 if paid by PayPal. Payment plans available.

3. Individual Focusing sessions: If you’d like to experience Focusing, you are welcome to sign up for a free half-hour session. After that, individual Focusing sessions cost $90.

4. 18-month certification as a Focusing Trainer: January 2020 to June 2021. I have been a certifying coordinator with The International Focusing Institute since 2011. My certification classes are for people who have learned to use Focusing in their own lives. You can take preparatory classes with me for $60 per session. I will support you first in deepening your experience of Focusing, and then in learning how to teach Focusing. I want to make this training accessible for people all over the world. There will be in-person classes if geographically possible. I have found that small online classes can be quite intimate and effective.
Cost: $3000 for the 18-month training with a minimum of three students.
Course will cover Domain Focusing, Inner Relationship Focusing, Nonviolent Communication as a door to Focusing, Thinking at the Edge, the Philosophy of the Implicit, and other topics of interest to participants.

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