Do you have a creative project or a new life direction
you’d like to explore?
Or have you come to a place where you feel
uncertain, blocked or stuck?

With Thinking at the Edge, your plans and projects will finally get the time and space they need to grow. You will learn how to ground your thinking in your own lived experience, bringing life to your ideas in a way that can’t be reached by intellect alone. To hear yourself think, it helps to have someone to listen! You will be deeply listened to by Beatrice and your class partners, so that by the end of the course your project will become imbued with heart-felt breadth, depth, and commitment.
This course is online, but is in no way cold or overly technical. Intimacy grows as you are accompanied by, and as you accompany, your new Focusing and Listening partners.

The TAE process: Thinking at the Edge starts with going to the “edge” of what you already know and deepening your felt sense of whatever is calling you.
You will start writing about it, even though you know you can’t say all of it.
We will pay attention to anything that is telling you that your idea is impossible, paradoxical, impractical, crazy, etc..
Then comes the heart of TAE: mining moments of your own experiencing that somehow have to do with your felt sense, and applying the magical process of “crossing”–looking at one experience through the lens of the other. Crossing has the effect of deepening the felt sense and bringing clarity, enabling you to write freely about your idea.
Again you’ll attempt to express your felt sense in words, drawings, etc, making sure that your words express what you really want to say without being taken over by the “public” meanings of words.
As we come to the end of the process, you’ll have a rich new vocabulary of words, images, and relevant experiences. You will select your “terms”: several words or phrases that are full of meaning for you.
Crossing these terms brings further clarity, making it possible to express your ideas to others.
You’ll end up with a “talisman sentence”, a short sentence that you can carry in your pocket to remind you of what you have learned.

Prerequisites: Some background in Focusing partnership and a free half-hour introductory session with Beatrice via Zoom. I will give you the link to my video conference room once we agree on a time to meet.

Two up-coming online classes to choose from!

Tuesdays: February 28, March 14, April 11 and 25, May 9 and 30
8 a.m. US Eastern (Will change to 9 a.m. Eastern on March 14 due to daylight savings time. Time will stay the same in Hong Kong)
1 p.m. UK
2 p.m. Europe
3 p.m. Israel and South Africa
9 p.m. Hong Kong and Singapore

Adjustments will be made for Daylight Savings time in US and Europe

Dates and times don’t work for you? Let me know what would work!

US$295 per person if you sign up below by the early bird deadline of February 24.

$350 after February 24.
Payment can be by check or PayPal. Payment details will be given at time of sign-up. Installments are OK!

Class format:
Six 90-minute online classes with weekly partnership practice sessions in between.
All sessions will connect via Zoom, a video conferencing system that allows us to see and hear each other. You can connect for free from your laptop or smartphone. Having headphones with a microphone is recommended to reduce ambient noise and to help you be heard more clearly.

What people are saying:

“It was very gratifying to to find something clear and important about what is meaningful to me today.” —Claudio Fernandes, Portugal

“Your unique ability to listen and orient me to my felt sense is grounded in warmth, understanding and wisdom. TAE has helped me see my next step forward.”
–Donna Nisha Cohen, New York

“Beatrice, you deliver what I had hoped TAE could do for me.”
–Joann Parks, California

Sign-up here: