Since 2007, Beatrice Blake and her Salvadoran colleagues have been developing a practice to foster resilience and well-being in El Salvador, a country that is trying to build democratic institutions while dealing with poverty, gang violence and the aftermath of its 12-year civil war.

Working through already existing community organizations, Focusing El Salvador teaches Focusing and Compassionate Communication, providing a safe place where people can get in touch with their inner resources for healing, growth and interpersonal communication.

Our trainings, called Generating a Culture of Peace, empower people to reduce stress and depression, to find new ways to address conflict, and to open doors to creative thinking.

Several Salvadorans who work with underserved populations would like to become Focusing trainers.  Most people in El Salvador make about $500 per month, so paying for the workshops individually is not possible. We need to raise funds to continue training for these dedicated community workers.

Here is a quote from a young man who recently took our Level One and Two classes:

“When we have a turbulent situation, pausing and listening without judging helps me prevent disproportionate and violent reactions with the people around me.

“Now there are less crises when something doesn’t turn out as expected. The Pause helps take the power out of emotions and lets me think of healthy solutions, by listening to myself and other people.

“There is a world so unknown, intriguing, changeable, questioning, contradictory and noble inside each one of us, just waiting for us to visit it and understand it. I am surprised now by the frequency and clarity of my feelings, and that helps me pay more attention to them. It’s very interesting to discover this, to know that you can learn how to accompany yourself in your inner world and that doing so helps you manage your emotions, channeling them so that you don’t feel so much frustration.”

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